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Benzos Xanax: Do or Don't Do?


Feb 17, 2017
Hey everyone, I'm new here. I'm a (2nd time now in a year) cancer patient and every week, mostly Fridays, I have to drive down 3 hours from my home and get 40 minutes of strong chemotherapy. I (personally think) suffer from severe anxiety and intermittent bouts of depression. On my off time I usually smoke and that stops the anxiety and nausea, but A. It's hard to get since its winter up here and B. It's costly (obo).

Today I'm heading down once again. I was unable to smoke before we headed out and now I'm slowly becoming stuck in another ball of depression and anxiety. I emailed my doctor and asked her if she could prescribe me Xanax. Now I've read numerous posts on here and other sites about what Xanax actually does, and personally I think I should at least give it a try. They have me on Oxycodone 10mg and Ativan 2mg. The oxy half stops anxiety half brings it. If I smoke beforehand it usually doesn't bring up too much anxiety and I usually drift off and become a lot more social, while Ativan makes me dizzy and partially renders my ability to stand.

So my question is, would it be a good idea if I end up getting a prescription? I don't really abuse drugs. Sometimes if I have shitty weed and wanna relax and just think, I'll take an oxycodone and that will make the high better and also helps with back pain. If I take another (which I rarely do, maybe once every few months) I start to get extremely sleepy and fight to keep my eyes open but sprawl myself about my bed and smile at the blissful feeling that is going through my body. I wouldn't really plan on using these to, persay, get 'high' but I mean I'm open to stupid shit. I drank an entire bottle of Yager and 3/4 a bottle of vodka on by 21st birthday and woke up with vomit caked all over my sheets and my clothes.


Oct 19, 2009
Gainesville, Florida
As far as I'm aware, alprazolam has a very short half-life, creating more severe rebound anxiety than other benzos with longer half-lives (e.g. diazepam). Rather than switch from lorazepam, which is weaker than Xanax, perhaps diazepam might be more suited to you as you don't have to re-dose daily (well that's been my experience after being on Valium for over 4 years). Discuss the pros and cons with your physician.


Nov 13, 2014
If you have trouble walking on Ativan, Xanax will likely do a number on you.


Moderator: BDD, OD
Staff member
Feb 22, 2014
Detroit MI
if Ativan doesn't help your anxiety you shouldn't add Xanax on top of it, that's probably too much benzo. Maybe ask your doc if you can switch Ativan for another benzo that might work better for your anxiety