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Working out question.


Jun 26, 2008
If I use a giant elastic band to work out and I just do it while watching TV is it even possible to get a hard work out in. Like compare a hour in from off the TV to a hour of walking three miles. Also does working out increase your blood counts? I have like six blood tests for counts that are low and I feel so weak and terrible even though my body's healing is so slow I wonder if I'll be able to work my way out of this hole. I of course blame covid for shutting down the gyms and keeping me at home. I was just going to copy a you tube video work out with a elastic band. Is there maybe a daily pill I should take every day? Or just wait until I can go back to the gym and give up all hope until then. What do you think? I'm 37 my dad's my hero he's worked every day of his life and I just want to join him at work again but for some reason I left work I was homeless now I'm back home but I can't work anymore. I hope that just getting good blood tests might fix all my pain and problems. It's possible if I go to off the side effects of my blood tests that are low. Plus if I get better, like I used to feel the norcos in getting I could save them up instead taking them every four hours now. Which leads to problems if there's ever a delay in my pills like I had last week. I mean it really sucks when you follow the rules but still very in trouble. Let me know if I rambled I promise I'll fix my post. My minds slipping now a days its hard to just keep up.


Bluelight Crew
Apr 30, 2006
Dex's room
There are a lot of workouts you can do at home just using your own body weight, and the elastic band. Yes you can find heaps of workout video tutorials online especially on youtube! :) You don't necessarily need to be smashing yourself for an hour at a time, or leaving the house, or using weights or anything like that. Personally I think that any workout is useful as long as you're increasing your heart rate and breathing rate, and breaking a sweat. When you say you want to improve your blood tests, what does that mean exactly? There are lots of things that show up in our blood tests, what things is your doctor looking for on the test results?