Bupe Withdrawal in what order?


Jun 19, 2003
Hi all,

i have recently been in an inpatient detox, with the goal to detox from 160mg methadone (this time 6 month, but many years prior experience) and 20 mg diazepam (15 years various benzodiazepines on and off). On top of that i used 2x100mg lyrica and ab-fubinaca daily.
Well they made a rapid "taper" in my agreement in 7 days. Comfort meds i got were clonidine, lyrica, prometazine, chlorprotixene, baclofene, loperamide and possibly more i don't remember.
Still i underestimated the withdrawl that came along by a large margin.
One week after i received my last dose (both diazepam and methadone), there was no improvement to be seen, and the day of release was getting near. The doctors saw how bad in shape i was and talked me into a low dose of buprenorphine to stabilize.
On first day of release i couldn't take the diazepam withdrawal any more and stabilized now on 10mg/d.
So here i am:
2-3mg buprenorphine
10mg diazepam
2x75mg lyrica

My long term goal is to get off of everything. I plan to get rid of the lyrica first, since i hope it gives me the least problems if i am off it. Then the next step will be a sloooow diazepam taper over maybe 8 weeks in agreement with me bupre doc.
For the sub i think i will be going inpatent again, because i hate long drawn out opiate tapers.

So any input will be welcomed, the good think is i don't have "real" work now, i just deliver newspaper once a week and that's it, i can do bodybuilding, bicycle racing and swimming as much as my body can (right now it can't do much, in therms of heavy weights or high average power/speed).


Nov 15, 2014
F an inpatient 7 day detox that accepts someone on 160 mg of done and long term benzo use. Your WD's would be peaking on the 7-10th day maybe even the 15 day for the diazepam. Thats around the day of discharge. Steady and slow taper. Thats one of the main advantages with opiate replacement therapy.
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