Detox Journal Will only eve rbe party sober


Nov 19, 2018
This isnt a journal but I am detoxing.
I swant to get my oxycontin to either stable dose 20mg extende twice a day and 10mg instant once a day,
People go cold turkey and taper surely I can do it problem is I can take like loads of oxy in one day if needs be.
I will onyl eve rbe partly sober due to the medication I am on valium, pregabalin.
But I did get down to two 10mg extended and one 5mg isntant and I felt crap but I could function.
lots of protein shakes with amino acids and exercise helped me.

What are some good detox supplements I am getting strong dispersible vitamin b and a few cheap vitamin c.
Bananas for restless legs and a magnesium and zinc supplement.
I am also going to be taking around 50mg of cannabidiol a day.,

I dont get smashed off oxy no more, even morphine only makes me tired and epresssed.
oxy makes me good for few hours but I crash.
BUT HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TILL I CAN NOT CRUSH THE 20MG im sick of it but if i dont atleast take 15mg i feel rattly as.

HELP?? I suffer from fibromyalgia and bipolar so its worst for me.


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Apr 28, 2013
Hey there Hezman!

Detoxing isn't fun. I'm not an expert on tapering. In the past, I've tried it but never successfully.

But, many times, out of sheer necessity, I've tapered to make my meds last. I had to cut my dose of Oxycontin from 400mgs(5 80mg tabs) a day, to 240mgs (3 80mg tabs) a day. Sometimes even lower. I felt shaky. Anxiety was high but I'm prone to anxiety. Physically, I felt off. Not as bad as taking nothing, but still not well.

Here on Bluelight, in The Dark Side forum, there's a tapering megathread that a good friend of mine, POkemama created. If you put that info in the search engine you'll find it. Or just go to the Dark Side, and scroll through it.

There are loads of people on that thread tapering. You'll get lots of tips,advice and support.

Hang in there. It will work itself out. Try reading the thread I mentioned. Good luck. <3


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Nov 18, 2008
On a sinking boat
Most suppliments are useless. Upping your Valium and pregablin script will help in the short term but it will suck if you run out early so think about that. The best way to taper is slow. Or drop to where you need to be and just know your going to feel bad for a week. There is no free pass really.

But we are here to support you. Keep posting. If you can ask a doctor for clonidine it can be a big help