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Stimulants will I be able to get a small amount of speed through airport security like this?

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Aug 28, 2016
I have a 14 hour domestic flight tomorrow night, which to say the least is a bitch getting through without feeling especially drained and tired half way through not to mention the whole issue with how alertness slips away when you start getting drowsy. Yesterday I asked someone who was a friend of a friend of mine that was mentioning his previous night of partying if he had enough to spare for about 2-3 lines to hold onto do I could take planning to do it before going to the airport. Before my flight to help me keep alert and get through it as easily as possible, he ended up giving me 3 decent chunks of meth which was more than I needed and since I have no time to be using a day before my flight and I had stopped using the stuff a bit back cause I was done doing it recreationally. I told him I just needed less but he insisted as a goodbye gift. Anyway when I got home I decided to crush it up and there was enough for about 5-6 Nice plumes of speed. Ended up doing 1 or two 2 yesterday to JO to some porn and get off (we all know that's the best haha on meth.) then took the rest and figured I'd empty some pill capsules from a prescription of antacids I have, empty them out and fill about 5 pills with the powdered meth then seal them, which at a glace you'd never suspect anything odd, then placed them at the bottom of the pill bottle with about 30 of the original pills on top, Now being a prescription bottle I believe those have a tight seal to hide any smell if there is any should there be dogs to sniff around, I know TSA doesn't screen for drugs specifically and I have a ziplock bag filled with other legal prescriptions among which is that pill bottleso I think it should go unnoticed through the X-ray machine, my question is do you think that i'll have trouble sneaking this through? I mean seems like a pretty good way to sneak a small amount by, I'm thinking I'll take pop one open before heading out do a line or two then keep the rest in the container until halfway through the trip and maybe discretely snort the other line at one of my layovers in a stall or just swallow it, (sounds as if I was hooked on the stuff but I'm honestly not.) to help keep me going throughout the rest of my trip. I'm just curious if anyone has done this and gotten away with it or if this is a good plan at all. Only reason I considered this is because I'd rather be alert and high than dragging through the long travel time and layovers. Not perticularly worried about being obvious about it because I have klonopin prescribed so I can take one or two to mellow it out and help mask the tweaked out fidgety behavior most people get. I imagine if I 'be traveled before with klonopin which is similar to Xanax and never been questioned it shouldn't be an issue with some discreet capsules that have been replaced with a little bit of speed. Sorry for the long post I am a bit tweaked out still from last night haha and haven't taken the benzo. If not should I just take them all before my flight? Honestly I'd rather go with plan A because then I can redose later and that way not crash part way through. But I also know even a minuscule amount can be a felony so I figured it's worth asking and since I can't find other posts about this method online. Thanks in advance for your replies.

Jekyl Anhydride

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Jul 23, 2016
In the FireSwamp
Sweaty with blown pupils and being fidgety might get you diverted into secondary, but Mysterie is right about this topic not flying here.
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