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Friends Whatever happened to (insert bluelighter here)...v...check under the sofa cushions


Bluelight Crew
Nov 23, 2006
These days I'm bluelighting horizontally with a surface pro that I haven't figured out how to react to posts with anything other than a like. So consider that like a heart and we will forgive Bill for windows tablet mode 🙂

Cosmic Charlie

Bluelight Crew
Oct 24, 2007
dEeP iN HyPerSPaCe
@Funeral Father

Now that you mention it im curious about him to and hope he is okay. I know he has been going through some relationships issues this year and maybe moving or something. If your lurking brother let us know your okay.

Where are you @stardust.hero

Rolling on 3-MMC and thought about you, remember back in the day when me you and Laika used to get so blasted off to the moon on Mephedrone. We had a really fun life back then, hope your okay I miss you sweetheart. 😘
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