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What ya on today/tonight BLads and BLadies?


Apr 15, 2010
at the bottom of your bag of k
I couldn't find a good, what your on tonight thread, so guys n gals, what ya on?
Just had sum clonazepam, some edibles and about 14mg sub (8mg sublingual, 4mg snorted and 2mg IV)
I've got a small nod starting from the benzo n opioid mix, I stopped IVin it for ages and I found a great vein so I had a dig and I hav a slight warm euphoria going on, gonna add sum promethazine in and try maximise my nod

So, what are you on, tell us :) let's be fucked together


Moderator: N&PD
Staff member
Mar 21, 2013
abyss of sobriety
I'm not good in making contacts somehow. Social anxiety and whatever, tend to stay away from strangers unless I'm pretty high and learnt to even then be wary, specially from this kind of people (preconception I know). Was attacked by drunk people more than once without reason and heavy bullying in school..

Netherlands currently. It shouldnt be too hard to find somebody here though but I never bought off strangers. Where I used to live (CH), street prices are ridiculously high and rip offs are plenty like everywhere.