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EMD What Electronic Music r YOU listenin' to? v. Watch your bass bins! I'm tellin' yah.


Oct 24, 2008
the trap https://youtu.be/nICtAvjO7ZA
i've been falling asleep to techno mixes mostly this one
years ago it was asmr . now i just jerk myself to sleep with techno on in the background ( usually ) i can't recall the last time i really had like GOOD or even DECENT night of sleep, at least a year.... i know one thing, listening to techno as dope as function is, has any collective made an impact like sandwell district has in the last 5 years ? cause when he dropped incubation on ostgut ton (2013) https://www.discogs.com/Function-Incubation/release/4335635 silent servant went on some post industrial i have yet to hear any super exciting techno. please hip me to it kids! but my original point was listening to techno, more specifically the friggin video on my 65 inch tv facing me lights flashing ... that isn't the smartest thing to have on when trying to sleep.