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What drug do you wish youd never tried?


Nov 15, 2020
A-php and NEP;
Both are too strong, on their own way, NEP is the trickiest substance that I used, is so addictive in a sneaky and sinister way. Is not as strong that you cannot use it for your regular tasks not is not strong enough to abstain easily when you've started. You can stay days using it without noticing bad side effects (or not giving a fuck cause they seem not serious), your mouth becomes absolutely dry, your mind fogged up and your intelligence and emotional acuity decrease a lot. You're just too drugged out to care. I fooled myself so darkly with this substance, worst than kratom compulsion.
A-php on the contrary has these kind of side effects that you .... need to worry about, at least I do. Is not sustainable so that is better, I guess, not to become addicted but when I had 5 grams I was constantly thinking about when I was going to dose again cause the rush is too amazing and potent, and its crazy sexual drive is so appealing, but each time you do you know you're fucking up your body big time.
On top of that I think a-php use has spoiled all light or not that strong stimulants for me... But maybe that's a pro, cause I've always felt inclined to use psychs and not stimulantes, so maybe I would have use more stimulants if I didn't find the powers of a-php.