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Question What does your morning routine look like?


Bluelight Crew
Mar 11, 2005
New Jersey
get up
look at phone
look at time
decide whether to uber now or later


Moderator: NMI, CD
Staff member
Mar 18, 2018
Onda Cona
Me trying to creep out the bedroom with budah and bobo without waking her up.

After that it is brush teeth
drink water
eat a few saltines (staves off morning nausea)
prepare coffee
prepare kratom tea and phenibut (if it happens to be a day of dosing phen)
drink kratom and phenibut


smoke a cig
smoke some weed
drink my coffee

wait til so wakes
after confirming that she is well the day is open and we discuss wtf we wanna do


Dec 28, 2017
Vienna, Austria-Hungary
Usually, I am deprived of sleep, so first thing in the morning is to stimulate myself. Concerta and mate tea does it well whatever my sleep deprivation is and in one hour I am ready to do whatever comes along. From this point on, it is getting better and better in terms of being efficient processor of outside and inside inputs and directing myself to deal with them. Sometimes I take afternoon nap which makes me even more efficient in the evening and into the night. And then some more stimulants are in order, usually. First to stimulate myself into producing billable outcomes and then having some fun.


Jan 3, 2009
wake up > attacked by cat walking to kitchen > feed cat > coffee + poop + vape > stretch/yoga or short jog > kratom + orange juice + d8 > youtube for a bit > shower + shave + brush > ready for my day :)
Ah yes, the vape + kratom + d8 life strategy. A man after my own heart.


Bluelight Crew
Nov 23, 2006
I have been waking up at about 9am. I stretch and move my feet and limbs about before getting up because I am usually sore from the gym. Pee then immediately every day turn on the kettle and make an instant coffee and drink that with a cigarette or two. I turn my phone off at night like everyone should (using it as an alarm is a shit excuse) and don't turn it on until about 30 minutes after waking. Kanye tweeted once that's what he does because your imagination is better than the internet. Worthy. Highly recommended. Poop. Shower. Testosterone, Prozac and sodium valporate. Usually don't eat breakfast at home and have been getting a croissant or similar from the bakery that is my first stop for the day lately where I get my first real coffee for the day. Not a bad routine. Out of the house within an hour. Worked hard getting into that routine, and it works well for me.


Moderator: SLR
Staff member
Sep 28, 2019
I have a new routine

5:30 AM take dog downstairs for a shit
Realise I’ll never get back to sleep
Go for 3 mile walk for sake of dog
Find coffee and croissants on the way
Read all the news while having coffee
Allow attractive young women to pat dog
Home for own shit, shower, and shave by 7.


☠Rattus norvegicus☠ Moderator: BDD, OD, EADD, LAVA
Staff member
May 12, 2010
Wake up at 4:30

Wait for the mrs to fuck off into the shower

Roll a fag

Load up some BBW MILF porn

Have a wank

Go back to sleep for another half hour


Dec 29, 2020
Ashtray City
Every morning I wake up around 2-4 times in terrible pain at 2-4am. I can't eat because I take my pills at six including my first pain pill then I watch TV if I can't go back to sleep. I almost always use the bathroom, I bring it up because I had gastric bypass so it's very smelly, its almost too much for me to smell but that's the price I paid for losing 255 pounds, well worth it and probably more controllable in the future. I eat a 1 or 2 egg sandwich with cheese every morning at around 8am then normally I lay down and rest for a hour or two until my next pain pill at ten. I've been aware of many medical issues for about a month but don't have any medical game plan yet to fix it. I use my cell phone right now to spend the rest of the day just looking things up and trying to fix my life. I'm waiting for a doctor to see me in a month, hopefully he will squeeze me in sooner though because the pains gone past my breaking point. If I had my covid vaccine I'd go to the hospital today going for morphine. You never know they gave me morphine once because I tripped in the parking lot and fell I only tripped because my feet are going numb. I used to walk in the morning but I'm unable to right now, I'm just to weak abs in to much pain. If you know me, you might know I think this is so from my copper being low but a doctor has not confirmed my worrys yet. Oh yea I also do the dishes almost every day for the house, because I'm such a nice guy.
Why are your feet going numb?


Jun 26, 2008
Why are your feet going numb?

Well my heart stopped a couple years ago so they used one of those shockers with the paddles to bring me back to alive and I lived but that's when my feet started hurting. I got sober that day too. Near death was enough for me, but my doctor thinks my feet were damaged from meth which is why I didn't notice they hurt, I was high... which I do not agree with. The other possibility I figured out is my coppers been low for at least a year and the last positive test I had where my copper was normal was five years ago. Copper can cause nerve damage and pain forever. As I'm in the middle of a real mess of doctor visits and painful tests all I can say is I can't wear socks right now my feet hurt so bad and sadly no one will give me more pain meds what's worse my pain is getting worse and I already deal with a lot of stress from gastric bypass, in the end I am responsible for my self is just my energy level is so low I can't even order stuff right now or shop for a new car it's hard to just make breakfast today. I have not eaten my egg sandwich on three days because I can't make it.... Maybe I will today but anyways back to your question it's bad enough it effects my balance and yea I've dealt with it a year now. I just need my blood tests to ask be normal and they're not and what is confusing me is why none of my doctor's so much at have a recommendation for me as to how to fix anything let alone a bunch of things. White blood count for example wouldn't your think every doctor would have a opinion?, nope it's wait a month to talk to your gastric bypass doctor who's charging me 300$ he did say I don't need to worry they all say that but my tests aren't made up and lots my stuff is really low. It doesn't help copper effects your ability to think. To remember. So I could really use a helper in this like I'm starting to get scared which doesn't look good in 6"3 and being scared brings up bad memories of doing meth. I just want to fix the pain today with a magic pill. Yikes. That doesn't sound right but I am considering checking myself into the hospital. I'll get blood tests again soon but everything's taking so much time.

Even if it's just a I hope it works out for you buddy, it would help me right now.

I just feel like all these doctors don't care if I die, why would they there busy enough there's someone to take my place... Maybe it's the pain making me annoying. Sorry