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Tasteful What are you listening to? V. Tonight on blurlight


Moderator: TL
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Apr 2, 2009
Where the light trips fantastic
Thanks. This is the first I've actually ever heard ANYTHING by him, only seen him on Ridiculousness as a guest :\

The music was...wow, so much NOT what I was expecting. I really, really liked the full instrument sound, and that he was doing it live with musicians. I suppose that's a reflection of my immersion in electronica and sampling :\ I'll also give props on lyrics, as I can appreciate when someone puts thought into them as opposed to just trying to rhyme (rap) or stay light and simple (Rock, ie ACDC). I really appreciate thoughtful lyrics. So up to that point, I loved it. But.....his vocal delivery was not up to what I would have wanted to go with all that great lyric-music build up. Raspy rap delivery....meh. Kinda wrecked it for me.

Aside from that, his personality is great = someone always having fun, wanting others to do the same. Would have loved to hang out some time. Humble, appreciative, good character person.

I think it's sad because if you listen to his early, kind of breakout stuff, it's very underdeveloped and commercial (though there's talent) and he really evolved over time. He started bringing in more quartets, strings and more complex arrangements. If you listen to his first album and his post-humous album they are incredibly different. I understand what you mean about his raspy delivery though and is not everyone's cup of tea. I do enjoy his lyrics and he really started to think of his pieces/albums conceptually too. He was shifting towards more of a jazzy, singer-songwriter/abstracted hiphop style. I would have loved to hang out with him too, he strikes me as a kind, sensitive and rather deep soul.

This review of his last album does a good job of explaining why he is so beloved, his body of work and some of his development over time (it's mostly focused on his last post-humous release though):
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Mar 18, 2018
Onda Cona
Hells yeah, man! A big LOL
Finally after all these years. :)
Stuck on pink now. My all time fave for sure... opened me up to a lot of stuff and it all came at the beginning of my substance experimentation; perfect timing, imo. 8o