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Tasteful What are you listening to? V. Tonight on blurlight


Feb 22, 2000
Getting to the point ...
I think this gives you a good sense :)

Thanks. This is the first I've actually ever heard ANYTHING by him, only seen him on Ridiculousness as a guest :\

The music was...wow, so much NOT what I was expecting. I really, really liked the full instrument sound, and that he was doing it live with musicians. I suppose that's a reflection of my immersion in electronica and sampling :\ I'll also give props on lyrics, as I can appreciate when someone puts thought into them as opposed to just trying to rhyme (rap) or stay light and simple (Rock, ie ACDC). I really appreciate thoughtful lyrics. So up to that point, I loved it. But.....his vocal delivery was not up to what I would have wanted to go with all that great lyric-music build up. Raspy rap delivery....meh. Kinda wrecked it for me.

Aside from that, his personality is great = someone always having fun, wanting others to do the same. Would have loved to hang out some time. Humble, appreciative, good character person.