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Tasteful What are you listening to? V. Tonight on blurlight


Bluelight Crew
May 1, 2000
alianas morset


ot: Junglepussy - Bling Bling


Oct 3, 2000
Route 666

Check out the song names:

00:00 I - Chronolith
03:11 II - Mummified In Bongwater
07:15 III - Disposal Of The Baggy
10:39 IV - Every Bud Smoken
14:04 V - Sentenced to Burn One
17:35 VI - Addicted To Hash In A Tin
22:06 VII - Fucked With Northern Lights
25:28 VIII - Experiment In Horticulture
29:54 IX - Gallery Of Stupid High


Jan 7, 2011
Oh god, re-living middle school memories right here. This is the shit I listened to when I was 12/13

I also wore an invader zim hoody

I would skip school at that age and see bands play at a club in Lancaster and allentown.
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Jan 7, 2011
15 y/o stayf still skipping school and on the high honor roll

I was in the moshpit and getting punched in the face while all the "super hard core kids" from my high school were standing in the back with their arms crossed, hmmmm.



Jan 7, 2011

I am the end of the world
When the time is right you will know my fucking name
Lie in the gutter and pray to the god of I don't give a fuck
This isn't an anthem, this is a lullaby. So go to sleep and wish that you'd never wake up
They all deserved to die
I pushed the button, I watched the sky rain death
Consider this global abortion
I now know what your future holds
I am all knowing and almighty
You will honor and revere
True survival is pouring salt in the wound
I hold your pathetic lives in my hands
If you won't die for me, you will die because of me
I pulled the trigger on the entire human race
This is as big as murder-suicide gets
I am the end of the world. My dick now lies in your rotting mouth
Nothing to do now but watch the world die


Jan 7, 2011
[Verse 1: Yung Plague]
Creeping up out the dungeon
Bitch, all it look like is fungus
Pentagram, bitch, got the hunnid
All of this weed I be crumbling, now smoking
The roaches approaching the hopeless and roping
The bitches like Moses and then I start stumbling
Roping the bone, better watch your step
Toting the tech, throw that shade at your neck
Schema boys, $uicide throw up the set
I'm unleashing the evil from under my bed
Killing myself with the noose or the knife
Bitch, I'm through with my life, yeah, I'd rather be dead
Let the demons arise, let them enter my head
Grey in my eyes, but they leave something red
Piercing the crucifix deep in my chest
Leaving a mess for the bugs to infest

[Verse 2: Lil Remains]
Smoking my dope to the dome
King of heroin and euphoria clutching my grain
Look in the mirror then I fucking figure
I'm Lucifer running around changing the game
Changing the pages of history, bitch
Fuck the Bible, I'm rolling it up in a swisher
Fuck off my liver, it shivers and quivers
I'm popping pain pills like I'm popping the trigger
The Hitler of the $uicide cult that follows
Bottles I swallow with scripts no regard for a tomorrow
Soaking in sorrow the $carecrow has risen off the post
The muddy coast, sipping codeine till I overdose

Verse 3: Ghostemane]
All I think about is putting a hole in my brain
Never wanna deal with another thing
That don't got a thing to do with levitating to the plane
It started with a bang, ended with me
Face down on a bloody carpet and now I'm lookin down at me
I never thought that I'd be thinking the way I been
Predicaments, in a pickle, whatever you wanna say
I know what you wanna say
You wanna say it'll be okay one day
I'ma roll the dice and bet 7 on death
Don't fear the reaper, he's coming to siphon the life from your chest
Say that you wishing to die
But you wishing to get more attention, but bitch, now you next
Puffing that Bible swish with $lick
While watching you die and I'm sipping my liq'
Soon as the bottle is done, commit Seppuku, I'm out this bitch

[Outro: JGRXXN]
Commit Schemacide, with Seppuku, it's your fate
I hope you die slow, from the puncture of the blade
If you got no knives to do it yourself then it's okay
I got the red beam, and it's aiming at your face
Commit Schemacide, with Sepukku, it's your fate
I hope you die slow, from the puncture of the blade
If you got no knives to do it yourself then it's okay
I got the red beam, and it's aiming at your face
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Bluelight Crew
Feb 24, 2005
  1. This is my theme song for coming in to work on a Monday
  2. Somehow it reminds me of what erich could have been
  3. I like rohypnol
  4. I take rohypnol
  5. I remember listening to this a week before seeing them in concert
  6. I haven't DL'ed a new prodigy album since this one.

Still can't believe the folks in the States prefer Linkin Park over Prodigy. smh...

*drinks a shot of organic milk*