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Stimulants What’s in a crystal / shard?

Anonymous Dissident

Mar 27, 2017
I've got no doubts today's meth is riddled with hot spots lol. We were even talking about the possibility of patches of L-meth being the actual culprit when people complain about their shitty sleepy dope lol.

This is pretty much what I was going to say. A purposefull adulteration with l-methamphetamine would be dirt cheap, as well as the benefit that even if tested, it wound test fairly pure and react appropriately to reagent testing.


Jun 12, 2020
This question has come up in a few threads but I don’t think satisfactorily answered. Basically I’m asking can a single big crystal or shard of “meth” contain both genuine meth (of either or both isomers) and some proportion of inert cut. Or are crystals necessarily formed out of a Single substance only?

‘I’ve noticed some Different deals of meth that are entirely large shards (No shake) but have varying psychoactive effects. I know that this is partially because of the varying proportion of the different meth isomers In each batch but am wondering if the crystal can also contain a cut as well as the meth.

I’m asking this because a dealer was talking to me about recrystallising his stuff in a way that made it sound like he was creating single crystals out of meth plus some cut.

Yes, you can do this, if they are paired correctly with the right solvents. It is not easy. Some researchers I know cannot do it at all. But, it is possible. And I'd say likely, as I've also wondered about the extreme differences in dope that looks fairly pure. I'd say somebody figured out how to recrystallize meth with MSM and Isobutylamine. Hell, probably doesn't have much amphetamine at all.


🎨 ARTministrator 🎨
Staff member
Feb 8, 2006
In the mountains
L-meth is not sleepy, its very adrenergic, lots of side effects. Ever done a Vicks inhaler? Shit is nasty and quite stimulating.