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⫸STICKY⫷ Welcome to Pill Testing Q&A

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Mar 16, 2001
Pill Testing Q&A is a small forum dedicated to the discussion of pill testing kits. Feel free to ask questions about how to use a testing kit, how to interpret a result, where to locate a kit and any other questions.

As most of you know, testing kits are used to screen ecstasy pills for adulterants. You are free to discuss any pill testing "brand" but a representative from EZ Test monitors the forum. He has "EZ Test" as his user title to help identify him.

Please ask your general questions about MDMA in the Ecstasy Discussion forum. Use Pillreports.com if you want to report on the quality of a specific pill. Also review the regional drug forums for notices about the pills circulating in your specific area.
Not open for further replies.