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Welcome back signatures!


Bluelight Crew
Mar 9, 2005
Your double slit
Howdy Bluelighters,

We wanted to let you guys know that we have enabled signatures across the site. How exciting! Historically, Bluelight disallowed these for a number of reasons, from aesthetics to site functionality, but now that we have switched software to xenforo, we wanted to reintroduce this ability. If you previously had a signature set up, chances are it is now visible . . .

All members except Greenlighters (n00bs!) are allowed up to 3 lines of text/smilies to write whatever they think will look cool following them from forum to forum :cool: To keep things neat, we aren't allowing images or videos, and there are restictions on size and other aesthetic elements, but feel free to express yourself however you feel.

The Bluelight User Agreement is still in full effect for signatures so please use this function wisely.

To create a signature, go to your profile page by clicking your name or avatar at top right of the toolbar; a drop down box with a bunch of options, including SIGNATURE. Go on, go ahead- click it and work your magic.

Any questions, let us know.