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⫸STICKY⫷ We Will Never Forget You, EADDerz


Apr 15, 2010
at the bottom of your bag of k
Do any of you 'older' members ever just wonder why your the one still kicking and so many others aren't?? I don't really go online much these days, but still think of all the people who've gone even ones who just aren't here on the forum. Was such a big part of my younger self's life. Think about Dave alot, still can't believe that cunts gone. Same with Martin, haunts me to this day what I did before hand, he was such a gentle soul. And I was a piece of shit drug addict who has cheated death more times than I can count on one hand. Doesn't seem right. Hope I'll meet them all again one day.
i met martin when he came to a festival with us irish BLers n partied with him, had sum pill talk wit him wiped off my face lol seemed like such a sound guy, rip man
reason i stayed alive - naloxone, shuld be handing it out with needles imo


Nov 10, 2020
I wonder that a lot too.

Martin was a wonderful and kind soul who I'll never forget. We went at it hard and I'm not sure why I survived and he didn't. Rip to my good friend. For what it's worth, he valued this place and the support he got here, even after whar happened in Paris. Maybe especially after that.