Heroin vicodin-perc to heroin to suboxone user thinking bout kratom.


Jun 18, 2015
I am a 21 year old male weighing 140 or so lbs. I used 10mg vicodin and perc to the point of doing 7 to 9 10 mg of those a day. This lasted a year in a half until I started snorted .2 to a .4 gram of heroin a day for 4 to 5 months. I went to 5 day detox and there i started my about year and half suboxone prescription to the point of where i was doin 24 mg a day basically just to get high after awhile. Early JAN to late FEB 2015 I started using heroin(I.V.) until 6/4/15 where I went to detox for 5 days and tapering off suboxone from 8 mg to 0 mg in 5 days stopping everything at 6/9/15. I am now day 13 or so clean from all opiates in roughly 4 years. I feel almost that the post acute withdrawal has much harder for as I can barely move, HIGH ANXIETY, EXTREME FATIGUE, depression, and cold sweats. I ordered maeng da kratom 500 mg capsules and was wondering if these would help at all with someone with a history of opiates such as mine and if so how many should being taking? I read to not exceed 7 g at once but was wondering anyone with more experience could help. I understand its a substitute but I would rather do this than relapse and start over. All feedback would be appreciated thanks.


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Sep 14, 2009
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Kratom in capsules is usually bottom-shelf grade e.g. floor sweepings held in non-climate-controlled environments for months to years on end.

If you are used to doing heroin then kratom is not going to be anything more than an unpleasantly stimulating, very weak opiod buzz. And at higher doses it will just make you sick before it gets outright pleasurable. That is, if it's anywhere near good kratom. If it's typical headshop garbage grade, you could likely consume 10gm and have no good effects... it's that inactive sometimes.

And it's important to remember: kratom is an opioid. So if you take those capsules, you will probably get rebound withdrawal effects after they wear off, and it will extend your withdrawal in general too. Consider that very carefully.

THe rule of thumb is that "fresh" bulk powdered leaves are always the most potent and reliable in effects when compared to e.g.