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Using a trip to reset all trauma and drug abuses?


Nov 5, 2012
I've never gone into a trip with the active intention to work on trauma or anything else but I have had trips where trauma, addiction, abuse etc have been front and centre of the trip . They've been some of the most helpful and beneficial trips I've ever had though and really have helped in any number of ways for me to let go of childhood trauma, start on the road to addiction recovery and truly understand, let go and forgive. They are never something I have been looking for though. I've tripped in good psychological space and tripped in a bad psychological space, and the trip has often been the inverse of what my mental state was before dosing.

Psychedelics have a real potential to help with these kinds of things and I believe you get the trip your mind needs. The few times I've had trips which were 'bad' I have came away appreciating those more than others.