Trip Reports is accepting Moderator applications

jackie jones

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Jul 2, 2008
Greetings fellow Bluelighters!

We are looking for someone with an interest in helping maintaining the Trip Reports. The qualifications are as follows:

A love for reading, writing, and editing;

Possessing respect for the principals of Bluelight (ie, harm minimization; freedom of information; kindness);

Dealing with solicitors and those who encourage dangerous behaviors accordingly;

Time. Ideally you should be willing to dedicate an ample amount of your overall BL time to moderating your forum. Trip Reports is fairly active and requires an adequate amount of structuring;

Most importantly, with respect to keeping others safe, you must be diligent in your efforts to make certain our readers are receiving accurate information.

If you believe you are up for the challenge of moderating Trip Reports, send your applications to Bardeaux, myself, animal_cookie and NeighborhoodThreat.

this round will close sept 3, 2013
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Jan 20, 2013
Southwest United States
I'm said dealing with solicitors..does trip reports get a lot of that or just the normal amount that happens throughout BL? As far as editing and this generally just referring to making sure that if a BLer posts info about their experience that is unsafe that the mod goes in and ensures that safe, correct HR info is added?


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Nov 4, 2002
the drug forums and focus forms tend to get more spam than the more social forums. and in some forums, like TR, members not aware of our no sourcing rule will ask where to get X, Y or Z if they see a thread about it. those posts need to be unapproved and the person asking is usually warned or infracted.

as for editing, the titles of a lot of threads need to be edited to fit the guidelines. it helps make the threads easily searchable. usually the actual trip isn't edited to include HR information, that tends to be added as a separate post (unless there is something way dangerous).