Trip Report of the Month Nomination Thread for September 2011


Bluelight Crew
Nov 30, 2009
Trip Report of the Month Nomination Thread September-2011

Ever read a trip report that is so well written you feel like you are a part of the experience? One with great descriptions and a fluent writing style that draws the reader in? A report that exemplifies the high standards of report writing you have come to expect here at Bluelight?

This thread is for you to nominate a trip report that could be chosen as the Trip Report of the Month. After all of the nominations are in, everyone gets a chance to vote for their favorite simply by voting in a poll. The winner will get a custom title until the next winner is chosen and will make it into the Trip Report Hall of Fame.

A few rules:
A person can win no more than 3 times a year
A person can't nominate themselves
Post the links to the trip reports instead of just the thread titles please

Current Nominees
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