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Trance.Here.Now. presents Paul Oakenfold at Cielo 11/24/2013


Oct 19, 2012
New York
Trance.Here.Now. presents Paul Oakenfold at Cielo 11/24/2013

Sunday, November 24
Robpromotions & Benny Soto present

BUY TICKETS HERE: https://www.clubtickets.com/us/2013...ts-paul-oakenfold-at-cielo?subPromoter=Zaneta

PAUL OAKENFOLD (Trance Mission USA Tour)
+ Liquid Todd

NEW YORK, N.Y. - As the brainchild of longtime friends turned professional nightlife collaborators Rob Fernandez and Benny Soto, the world famous DANCE.HERE.NOW. Thursday nights have celebrated nearly a decade of the finest collection of artists electronic dance music has to offer and all within the sheik, yet friendly, confines of New York City's CIELO nightclub.

With such seminal nightlife staples as Pacha NYC, Asseteria, 718 Sessions, the expansive influence and old-school vibe heavy philosophy brought by this seemingly odd couple is, without a doubt, the upper echelon of stateside dance. Now, as 2013 draws to its latter stages and the digital dance music domain shows no signs of slowing, these two impresario’s present a new era for New York clubbing with TRANCE.HERE.NOW. set to kick off on November 24 with the one and only PAUL OAKENFOLD.

Experienced party goers, as well as newly-discovered clubbing fanatics, have consistently packed the Meatpacking hotspot in search of good times, sinful release and extended sets from the who’s who of the worlds top DJs. Whether it be the deep, twisted groove of Danny Tenaglia, the relentless techno beats of Chris Liebing or the electro fueled punch of Benny Benassi, one can easily exhaust themselves simply listing out the never-ending collection of quality beatmakers having graced the Funktion One soundsystem of Little West 12th street. As PAUL OAKENFOLD returns to the genre he helped create with his ‘Tranceport’, ‘A Voyage into Trance’, Perfecto Presents Another World’ and multiple Global Underground editions, CIELO welcomes the renaissance man of trance with open arms and massive smiles.

Fresh off a groundbreaking Las Vegas residency, and with over two decades of globe trotting disc jockeying under his belt, PAUL OAKENFOLD comes to New York City eager to deliver his signature melodic, euphoric trance stylings with, perhaps, a smattering of that new age electro flavor turning so many heads to stateside dance music culture over the past few years. “The sound that’s being played at the moment has these [aspects] that are very similar to trance,” Oakenfold explains. “But it seems that everyone’s playing the same tracks. I was looking into it a lot deeper and thinking what can you bring that’s different but also exciting young and new, introducing a sound that’s incredibly popular around the world but not necessarily in America.”

For Oakenfold, the event comes as a kick off to his soon-to-be-recorded album “Trance Mission,” a collection of re-worked trance classics from the ‘90s and early ‘00s designed to appeal to diehards remembering the tunes from their first time around, while also bringing a new generation of fans into the fold. Bypassing the arenas and superclubs, Oakenfold actively skips the coordinated stage productions, light shows and tech-heavy aspects of DJing now synonymous with EDM performers of his stature, instead focusing on music, atmosphere and experiences. With TRANCE.HERE.NOW. , Oakenfold has every opportunity to bring his career full circle, re-defining the genre, welcoming new fans and reintroducing himself to old ones with the steady hand of a true scene veteran. Join CIELO, Rob Fernandez and Benny Soto in welcoming the one and only PAUL OAKENFOLD to kick off TRANCE.HERE.NOW. in what surely will be a memorable fashion.

18 Little West 12 Street