(Toluene) Inhalant abuse horror story - True Nightmare or Fake Nightmare?


Feb 7, 2011
Chile, Antofagasta
First, I want to say this story isnt mine. This is from a person which I apreciate very much. Also I want to warn about this story which include child abuse, so people with trauma issues better avoid this. And finally say that english is not my native language, but im tryin my best in writing.

Drugs are subject that pretty much are part my life. Im a recovery alcohol and cocaine addict and also I work in rehabilitation programs as part of my own recovery. From all of what I saw, I can easily say that no drug has been more horrible, destructive, and debasing as inhalants, specially toward impoverished and homeless little childrens.
Glue products back in the 90' caused a severe epidemic of toluene abusers in my country until it was completly withdraw from the ingredients of any product in 1998. After then it left a whole generation of brian damage adults, twitching their muscles and speaking nonsense gibberish.

One case in particular was the most frightning. It was a kid, lets say his name was "Juan". Juan was a delinquent, homeless young kid who hang arround in the poorer streets of santiago de chile in search for food and money for sniffing glue. I personally met him circa 2003 in a center for homeless people. He was a very talktive and nice, but he also suffer from the permanent toxic effects of toluene addiction.

He told me the worse day of his life, it was around 1992, he was lying in a park, it was midnight and he sniffed glue all day long, he told me when high on glue everything turn unreal, the sky can change color, the streetlights can speak, the floor feels like air etc. but that day, he saw a black car, then two men in black suits take him in the car, he said their faces were not human, and they speak a strange foreign lenguage. He struggle against the two men but nothing he could do.

Then he remember getting out off the car, and the two men force him to enter in a strange mansion, he felt like he wasnt in santiago anymore. Inside the mansion everything was strange, the lights were too bright, he heard screams like of animals beings slaughter, also the whole house had a strange chemical odor he cant identify. The two men put him in a room and closed the door, in the room the were no windows, the walls were not painted and there was only an old and dirty mattress in the floor. After that, Juan, lose control and began screaming and hitting the door. The next thing he remember, were the two men enter the room, one hit him in the face so hard that he fell to the floor, the other man tried to take off his pants and began to touching his sexual parts. Juan start screaming and crying and struggling against the two men who tried to rape him. Juan kicked one man in the head, and then the man pulled out a knife and told him in spanish that if he keep screaming and fighting they would cut every piece of his body. Juan felt like he had no chance to survive, but still fight against the men who tried to rape him.

The next thing he remember, was the two men left the room. Juan just stayed in the floor, completly shocked, like it was a nightmare and he was just trying to wake up. Then one man comeback to the room and grab juan from the hair. Both went to the black car, the man drive far away from the mansion, then he pull off a gun, and pointed Juan in the head. Juan was speechless, just waiting to die. The man after that began laughing, he gave Juan a bottle of glue and told him to get out the car. Juan did it, and the next thing he remember was waking up in the same park the last night, still shocked, and with his heart fast racing.

Juan doesnt know if all that was just a very bad trip or a true kindnap and rape attemp. After many years he still dont know what happend that night, but that experience definetly left him a deep scar in his mind. He told me he sometimes he still has nightmares about that night, and how much he regrets using toluene in his childhood.