Thoughts on LSD with MDMA


Jan 19, 2012
Hey guys! It's been a while since I last went on a psychedelic trip. I've been very busy getting my life in order and after a few years I've decided it's high time I had a trip.
I usually stock pile, and have LSD and pure MDMA, mushrooms, etc.

I was thinking of trying mdma for the first time in years, but I was wondering if I should make it even more interesting , and take some LSD before doing the m.
I've done it once and I snorted the m, which I would not be doing this time. I would do it orally.
Is this combo okay to do by yourself? Or would it be getter to do this combo when at a festival , or around others to keep you stimulated?
I have a lot of self reflection to do so I thought the combo may prove beneficial.
Any thoughts are appreciated!!


Oct 5, 2010
Well, as you say it's been a few years since you last tripped or rolled, I would recommend to not be heroic in the choice of dosage.
So unless you are particularly above average in size, no more than 150mg of MDMA and 100ug of LSD.
And ofcourse perform an acetone wash on the MDMA, I believe it does make a difference especially in how you feel afterwards.


Jul 21, 2004
Buffalo, New York
Last time I candyflipped, I snorted close to 300mg of MDMA, and threw two paper hits of acid in my mouth. I ended up blacking out doing really foolish and silly shit. I remember at one point regaining consciousness only when I kept repeatedly banging my head in to the walls walking in my house at nite. One time my father found me passed out by his safe trying to crack it thinking I was looking for his pills.hmm...beating off to porn on my flat screen TV in the middle of the night and being told the next day about it. So embsressibg. Three diff occasions I candyflipped I got black out experiences