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Dec 6, 2018
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I came across a 7 year old thread in the Psy section of the forum here and it was about trance music.

Trance music is not dead. Not even close. Psy is not ruined however it has changed and many psy artists simply suck. They suck at psy however they might rock at plain trance music.

Anyways I want to talk about authentic psy, and the meaning behind festivals and parties that stay true to what psychedelic trance meant in the first place.

A prime example of psy gone wrong or rather tried to sell-out by becoming generic watered down trance is the act GMS. Need I even elaborate? I mean they have done some amazing work in the past however I feel they basically became something that isn't at all psychedelic.

Now we can share psytrance songs and footage of parties here but I want to discuss the theory of getting together and dancing to this kind of music mainly. I have some things to share about parties that explain how the DJ of a psytrance gathering could be seen as a shaman.

I guess some could see it as shallow as groovy dance music to get down to on the dance floor, or ground in many cases. I wanted to get more elaborate than that but hey I am not saying parties hold any really deep meaning. They are just fun I suppose but we can make them seem more important than that I guess.

So many artists these days have lost the true sound of psy I feel which was captured magically back in the golden days of Goa.

Like this garbage marketed as psy:


Does that sound like psy to you? I mean obviously they are trying to make it sound like psy but I feel they have turned it into something that isn't worth listening to anymore as trance isn't that great to begin with?

Dude this sucks here like how much effort put into the art but the track has lost the essence of psy for shallow "trippy" sounds:

I mean psy is more than sounding trippy. It is about soundscapes and entering a dance trance not some generic trance. Why I am finding many recent artists so bad?

Like how bad do you want to be psy right here but fail to please my ears:


Old is gold:

Go ahead and critique me I mean this is just a casual chat. I am not hating artists I am just stating what I feel are my honest observations, aurally observed.
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Aug 21, 2003
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Psy by itself is pretty generic. I enjoy it, but it hasn't changed in the last however many years. Its like House records. You can play the old stuff now and no one cares.

I will give Psy credit and say the whole vibe is something that doesn't die. I want to smell dank incense, smoke weed, party on mushrooms, see people in dreads and flared pants, people shuffling.