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Stimulants The Small & (probably) worthless Cyputylone Megathread


Sep 15, 2006
Cyputylone aka 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-cyclohexylcathinone:

This has recently been made available but was originally developed in the 1960s (from the vendors description anyways, I have yet to verify this).

I received a gram of Cyputylone as a free sample with an order that was just delivered to yesterday. Vendor had just described it as "Similar to Eutylone" with no other details when he shipped out the order with the free sample to me a couple weeks ago but since then this chemical has popped up on their website with an actual name and minor details/information.

Some reddit users have been quick to dismiss it from just looking at the structure. Another warned that it is "a pretty strong MAOB inhibitor" based on swiss target predictions

I haven't tried any yet and probably won't anytime soon. I'm hoping that at some point in the future somebody will have tried it and then stumble in here and report on it. Pretty please?

So yea, if ya know anything about it please share.
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Moderator: BDD, OD
Staff member
Jul 21, 2002
No clue, maybe its a methylone prodrug based on what it looks like but im not so sure that the cyclohexane is going to let go so easily, who knows.

If its active its probably of low potency, but thats just a guess.