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The real & classic hip-hop colosseum thread v. Shady


Sep 7, 2017
The Psych Ward
I've got a rep as a sick individual Cause' my material's original plus critical Wild like a savage, well above average The world had it coming when my mom's named me Travis Straight from the womb I come to bring doom so give me room As I presume to break apart you little goons Competitors are blind, don't last behind, I can't find I find a rhyme to mind, rewind this line just one time I leave you stiff like a manikin, ain't no need a panickin' I aim for your abdomen and cut like Kenny Anderson Herb yo hit the curb, when my words swerve and hit the nerves You get served like some chips and h'orderves Miraculous tactics, a drastic burn like acid Bastards getting blasted from the style that I've mastered De-meditation like I'm on medication Because my creation terrorizes the whole nation As long as the sky's blue and the sun still shines Lord give me the strength and I'm always drop rhymes