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The real & classic hip-hop colosseum thread v. Shady


Nov 4, 2008
Melbourne AU
Do I sound crazy

"Life ain't nothing but bitches and money"------Ice Cube

Yeahhhhhh my life suxs NOT

Looks like everyone got it wrong. I'm not stuffed for money!!!!

Plenty of drugs sex and good food!!!

Balaiya Balaiya

In 2002 I won and I didn't even realise at the time. Okay maybe my subconscious realised LOL

Sorry in advance for my hopeless spelling and grammar

\/\/ What's the correct grammar\/\/

Haters gonna hate. Whats a Playa like big B gonna care!!!


Hater's gonna hate. What's a Playa like big B gonna care!!!

True Playas know the score

Big B 9 ---- 0 McDonald Wesley and his idiotic Christian biker friends

Hows Adelaide SirWaltSki LOL

I can forgive why can't you

A smart happy person can let bygones be bygones

Think about it

Jesus told them, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”

Hey Robin aka Miss Avery

Wayne W. Dyer: 'How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.

The Greek's say " if you behave bad then don't be surprised if bad things come your way"

The path to heaven is paved with good intentions

Balaiya Balaiya Phhuddu

Don't understand what I am saying


Self-fulfilling prophecy Sociology

You really think that I'm that smart and you guys are that dumb