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Sexy The Photographs of Beautiful Women Thread ☆NSFW☆


Nov 22, 2019
Yes. I’d totally need that.
I started studying and practicing this back in the seventies and after a lot of ups and downs :oops:, I'm really liking where I'm at with it now. I'd give you some advise/techniques, but I don't think this is the place for it. I will say that after getting into it from a traditional eastern school of thought, I've developed my own system based on the following imagery.

This is an analogy and very basic. Picture a boiler system, like a building might have in the basement, but it's at the base of your spine. It's always creating energy, which shows up as your life force, your consciousness. When you're sexually stimulated, It's like turning up the fire, which increases the pressure. If there's no place for the pressure to go then there's a relief valve to protect the boiler from exploding. Orgasm and ejaculation are the relief valve popping off. After orgasm, the lost water has to be replaced and the pressure has to build back up.

You need to learn how to use the pressure in constructive ways to keep from going into relief. Physically, it means pulling the energy back away from your genitals with your pelvic floor muscles and the muscles in your lower back where you can then move it up your spine and into your brain, where you transform the energy even further and circulate it throughout your body and even send it out into the universe. We're all transmitting who and what we are all the time and you can increase your influence in the world through this. It's why witches perform a lot of their rituals in the nude; to take advantage of their sexual energies. I created a meditation technique that helps develop control of your energy. I could send it to you if you want. I'm new here, but there's gotta be a PM function, right?



Mar 10, 2020
Why is her face 7 shades darker than her hands ?

Hopeless anthem in 3..



Id still hit though.
I think it's called makeup. I fucking hate it. Especially lipstick and fake shit like eyelashes and fingernails and tits.