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Social The NEW "What Song Fits Your Current Mood" Thread


Nov 3, 2016
Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple)
So, since I'm new here i figured I'd start this thread fresh...maybe get a chance to learn more about you folks through your music...

I will start off with one I've posted several times, but nothing better to represent me:

Nov 27, 2019
Hiya fellow Darksiders.

First-posting noob here.
Just discovered an awesome track yesterday:

We are the ones by Empire of the Sun.

Here's the youtube link. I known it's been out pushing on for 10 years but yours truly only discovered it yesterday.

And here is a link for an absolutely awesome mix by Pryda of "We are the people" if you're feeling musically adventurous.

I'm freezing my tits off in dark and cold England (the heating's packed up in my flat) and would love to be in nice warmer climes right now so these couple of vids will have to do for now.

Peace and love to all you lovely Bluelighters.

D x