The Drug Users Bible


Sep 7, 2014
The Drug Users Bible is the successor to The Honest Drug Book. It was published on Wednesday of this week, and it represents a significant extension in both content and scope.

In total I self-administered and added 17 additional drugs, bringing the new total to well over 150. Examples include DXM, datura, lean and oxycodone. Again, for each I present the core data in terms of safety (e.g. onset, dosage, duration, etc), as well as recording a trip report: a subjective analysis of his qualitative experience, usually at different time-checks. The new version spans 514 pages.

The scope was widened to better cover the welfare of drug users: not just their safety. There are all sorts of examples here: drug tourism, how to pass a mandatory drug test, drug culture, and so on. There was already some legal information in there, but I extended it.

The new title and sub-title were chosen for a variety reasons. The sub-title became ‘Harm Reduction, Risk Mitigation, Personal Safety’, largely because I felt that it was important to actually specify directly what the book was about. The title was chosen to make it clear that this was a book for drug users (and their families/friends), and that it was comprehensive.

As with its predecessor, it has its own website, including some sample pages:, and again is available from Amazon (links are on the website). The complete list of contents can be found on this page:

I hope that this is of interest. If you have any questions, please do ask, either in this post or by PM. I will answer openly and honestly.