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The Big & Dandy Research Chemicals on Blotters Thread


Sep 8, 2009
sherwood park alberta

Research Chemicals on Blotters

Announcement said:
This thread is meant for discussion of the existence of research chemicals on blotter. Realize that this thread is borderline rule-breaking since we do not allow ID discussion. Please keep discussion of the properties of drugs as general as possible and refrain from trying to analyze separate cases to help users figure out what drug they have on their blotter.


Q: "I bought blotters but I am not sure if I can trust my source. How do I generally approach this?"

A: However sure or unsure you are, it is wise to start with a very low dose of any new batch of drugs that cannot easily be identified (which is the huge majority of drugs!). You are less likely to overdose if it turns out you were wrong about your assumptions. Even reagent tests can be botched or misinterpreted. Be careful about assuming too much.
Also do not redose if you do not notice effects within an hour or so. Some drugs take a very long time to come up. It is best to try again another day instead of the same day.

Q: "Is there a way to know for sure if I really have what they told me?"

A: The only way to know for sure is lab analysis. In some countries, such as the Netherlands (drugs-test.nl) or Spain (energy control) one can have this done for free. In other countries you may mail a sample to a lab and they can do it for a price. Wedinos may be tried for non-controlled research chemical samples only.

Q: "What kind of substances are commonly found on blotter?"

A: First, remember that we only mention possibilities here, do not suspect or give yourself the feeling that one of these is what you have on your blotter, those would be assumptions based on nothing. Some superficial indications / appearance properties like taste may suggest that e.g. you may not have LSD... but always keep in mind those 'tells' are not reliable or conclusive.
  • Now, one type of substance that since recent is becoming very common are "NBOMe" / "NBX" compounds. Read important information and warnings HERE. The effects are not quite the same as those of LSD and there are additional risks involved. Examples, written in various formats you may encounter are: 25C-NBOMe, 25B, 2C-I NBOMe.
    They are usually taken via blotter held in the mouth because swallowing these substances may be less effective or less reliable. Doing so typically produces a numbing effect in the mouth while the taste may be more bitter than your average LSD blotter. These substances may influence your body temperature. Keep well hydrated and rest every now and again. Avoid combining with other drugs, especially ones that lower the seizure threshold. Be prepared for vasoconstriction (tightening of the blood vessels). Don't redose unless you are experienced and know what you are taking.
    NBOMe type drugs are active in the single digit milligram and sub milligram range and therefore fit on blotter paper of regular size and thickness.
  • DOX are also a possibility. The doses are a little higher so they may need larger blotter hits or thicker paper to make potent doses without issues. So bigger or thicker hits may be a tell. Examples are DOB, DOC, DOI, DOM and Bromo-Dragonfly / DOB-Dragonfly. The latter is considerably potent and high doses can lead to trips spanning multiple days. Vasoconstriction is a serious issue (especially when overdosing), something tolazoline may be a relatively novel solution for.
    Generally you are likely to taste these bitter multi milligram doses unless very diluted. Because the initial onset is typically very long for DOX compounds and even the come-up phase... you may be inclined to redose. Don't do that if your blotter may contain DOX since you are risking extremely long durations and potentially dangerous vasoconstriction.
  • 5-MeO-aMT can produce strong side-effects in a significant part of the population. Another one that should be taken extra carefully, steady titration of dose from very low to slightly higher. No redosing, no combinations. According to TIHKAL the duration is about 12-18 hours.
  • 5-MeO-MiPT may occasionally be found on blotter, but the doses are a bit too high to be doing so. It is considerably stimulating, physically as well as mentally (and sometimes in more ways such as sexually). Expect it to be bitter just like 5-MeO-aMT.
  • Sometimes potent benzo's such as phenazepam and etizolam are put on blotter and the blotters may have a print with that information. These are sedatives.

Q: "Can I still find a way to get an indication that gives me some suggestion about the identity of the drug?"

A: There are reagents (the chemicals in test kits) you can buy, and you select one based on what you think you have:
  • To check for drugs like LSD or indoles/tryptamines (including 5-MeO-AMT and 5-MeO-MiPT) you want "Ehrlich Reagent" which colors violet / purple in the presence of such drugs. Do a google image search for examples.
    Unfortunately you cannot distinguish / differentiate between these drugs.
  • As a general reference, and an important one at that... visit this thread for many reagent results of research chemicals.
  • If you are expecting phenethylamines such as NBOMe compounds, DOC, DOI, DOB, or Bromo-Dragonfly you may want "Marquis Reagent" (some results are listed here), which allows some limited distinction between drugs. If you are very suspect of your blotter and want to know a more specific indication of what it might be, perhaps this is a better choice than Ehrlich. However, please note the following:
    • The sulfuric acid in Marquis reagent reacts with blotter paper, the charring may make the result black which can make a false positive for LSD. You need to extract the blotter by soaking it in a tiny bit of uncolored alcohol and applying the test to that alcoholic solution.
    • Using Marquis you may not see the difference between LSD and Bromo-Dragonfly! You need Ehrlich for that. Consult the following for Marquis & Mecke reagent color reactions:
      There is a variance in reactions said:

      DOM = light yellow, fizzes
      DOI = yellow to light green
      DOC = yellow to olive green / deep green (may develop slowly)
      Bromo-Dragonfly = purple to black
      2C-B-Fly = Yellow to brown


      [TLC with Marquis showing a few aforementioned compounds, tested by Energy Control, Spain]

      25B-NBOMe = yellow to (olive) green (eventually possibly to black, the latter is probably the result of oxidation and can happen with other compounds)
      25C-NBOMe = yellow / orange (to green)
      25D-NBOMe = yellow-brown to green - may show considerably less color change needing more material to show color
      25I-NBOMe = orange (probably done with haste, expect to develop to green as well)

      (NBOMe compounds may not dissolve well and then give no color reaction!
      Differentiating between them is too much to ask)

      LSD = olive black / grey / brown to violet (apparently tested on blotter paper, which is unreliable as the sulfuric acid may react with inks and char paper)
      LSD = orange (apparently tested on liquid extract from blotter)

      5-MeO-MiPT = yellow
      5-MeO-AMT = yellow to black

      synthetic cannabinoids = yellow / orange / reddish brown shades

      phenazepam = no reaction or very very slow to a murky yellow shade


      25B-NBOMe = dirty yellow to black or rusty brown to black
      25C-NBOMe = bright yellow to green to brown
      25D-NBOMe = brown / dark green
      25I-NBOMe = olive green / light brown

      DOC = dark green / brown

      5-MeO-MiPT = red - brown

      LSD = dark reddish purple
      the blotter paper = dark green

Q: "I do not want to buy that or don't have the time or possibility. Are there other ways to check?"

A: Well yes and no, it is very tricky to try and identify blotter based on design, taste, thickness, etc. and you can get yourself hurt by drawing wrong conclusions and relying on a false sense of security. There are some tells though: if your blotter is much thicker or larger than you are used to you should be extra suspicious. If they are very thin and small, this can rule out the presence of active doses of some drugs like 5-MeO-MiPT or DOM but other than that there is not a whole lot you can tell. Also if you are surprised by a taste that is not just unpleasant but seriously bitter, you might want to spit out the blotter as fast as possible. There are other suggestions in this thread but remember that you can easily miss some tells and you should never proceed with blotter without testing it properly unless you are prepared to any dose of any of the possible drugs to fit on there.

[original post:]

i was curious do any drugs other than LSD and DOx drugs get put on blotters? would be that be possible and most important cost effective?
i mention the cost because more profit means more people would be doing it so it would be more common
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Feb 7, 2008
I saw on the Dea microgram a lil while back, xanex style blotter papers (The white sticks gg249, i believe) that had liquid xanex (alprolozam) on it !


Sep 3, 2009
None of the famous 2C-*s would fit on a blotter, their active doses are all 5mg+

Nichols' aparently has some sub-LSD dose PEAs, but he wont publish the details. They are confirmed however.

There are various LSD analogues.

Fentanyl and analogues.

Maybe you could fit some of the DO*s on a blotter.

Whatever, don't fuck around, put LSD on your blotters people...

The Smoking Man

Feb 24, 2010
Balls-deep in transdimensional ooze
DOx compounds like to be put on blotter and be masqueraded as LSD.
If you're thinking about doing that, don't be a dick. Someone who wants to trip acid wants to trip acid, and definitely doesn't want to be taken by surprise by one of those marathon ~20 hour DOx trips.


Sep 20, 2009
Salvinorin A could, but one would probably need some alcohol (or another nonpolar solvent) in their mouth to get much from it. That said, I do not think anyone tries to sell salvinorin A blotters as LSD.


Bluelight Crew
Oct 25, 2008
San Francisco
Most 2C's wont fit on regular blotter as their doses are a bit high.

There have been cases of 2C-C blotter, but its pretty rare.

The drugs you'll usually find are within the <10mg dosing range

DOx chems (including DOB-fly)


Fent and its analogues can fit on blotter, but its pretty rare to see in the psychedelic scene.
LSD analogues are extremely rare, but Ive heard of them on blotters

For the most part you'll usually get DOx chems though as they're the easiest to get out of the drugs that can actually fit on blotter.


Nov 7, 2009
Interesting that nichols has some sub-LSD dose PEAs that he hasn't published even though he's revealed that n-(o-methoxy-benzyl) homologs of 2C-X's are uber-powerful.

Bob Loblaw

Bluelight Crew
Mar 1, 2008
Well if you run into powder, and you're a dealer or you want to get a lot of pre-made doses rather easily...


Jul 8, 2007
Anything that has an activity of 1-2mgs threshold and 3-5mgs moderate dose.

I tried to make 5mg 2c-b gels for easy dosing and it was really pushing it. You could definitely see the chem in the gelatin tabs.


Temporary Ban
Oct 7, 2005
I've never had DOx, 2C-B-fly/dragonfly or anything on blotter that was not LSD but this is one reason why I don't take acid anymore since I don't want to take an RC instead of LSD.
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