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☛ Official ☚ The Big & Dandy 4-HO-DET Thread

phenethylo J

Moderator: DiTM
Staff member
Jul 23, 2010
I have some 4 HO DET and 4 AcO DET. I'm thinking of having a social trip tomorrow night. Which one of these would you guys go for? I'm leaning towards the HO. From what I read it seems to be a tad weaker then the other 4 subs, and one of my family members who has tested it agrees.

How are they recreationally compared to 4 HO MET or ALD 52? ( The 2 most recreational in my collection in my opinion)

I also recently came into over 3000 mgs of 4 AcO DET as the price was very low. Substantially less then I would pay for 2000 mgs of 4 AcO DMT or 4 HO MET so I decided to grab it. I'm hoping i don't regret the purchase

4-ho-det would be far more ideal for a social for situations and recreational use; it's very euphoric and colorful; 4-aco-det feels darker and more spiritual better for a personal trip.
Found 25mgs to be a good sweet spot for a nice strong trip; took me allot further than 150ugs of al-lad but the trip lasted shorter. Only had 4-ho-met once but found 20-25mg to be about the same in terms of strength also the trip was overall similar.
Found drinking 4-ho-det dissolved in a glass of water was the best way to take it since it'll peak within 15mins.

You may want to go lower than 25mgs if you just want a chill with some friends.