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The Big & Dandy 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine (2fk/2fdck) Thread


May 25, 2019
I think once you start associating the taste of something with an addictive high, you enjoy it. Like people who say they like the taste of Xanax. Or whiskey 🤮
I have always loved the drip of oxy or h[a very rare treat],xanax/k-pins and good coke.
I associate it with the high but I also try to hold the drip in my MM or sublingually instead of swallowing.
Mind you, I am on sub maintenance and IV 1-4mlg/day.
Glad that Bup keeps me content being addicted to H/other opiates was miserable.
Anywas 2dfck was fun IM no need to IV even if that is your' preferred method.

Aeon Psyche

Dec 11, 2007
My liver has been hurting an awfull lot from using 2-f-dck the last two days. Will it also hurt if I use it by insufflation instead of orally .question mark.


Moderator: PD
Staff member
Mar 10, 2006
iterating through cyclic eternities
^ with ketamine, oral administration significantly increases the direct exposure of the liver to ketamine as it goes through the first pass metabolic process. I think there's around a 300% increase, and same for the bile duct due to the relatively direct conduit through the digestive system to these organs.

Assuming the metabolic process that 2f-dck goes through is similar, which is not too unlikely, then it's also not an unreasonable assumption that insufflation would reduce liver exposure and first pass metabolism to some extent - but not completely, your liver will still be exposed systemically to the drug so if you suspect you are causing it injury, insufflation is not a sufficient preventative measure.


Bluelight Crew
Aug 15, 2003
Took 25 + another 25 ~20 mins in after seeing if 5mg did anything half an hour before initial dosage. What's with me thinking the clearheaded headspace of these last few psychedelics I took will lead to anywhere significant unless I go to heroic dosages? Too little 2C-D (25+10mg), too little DALT (50+70mg), too little 2-FDCK, no wonder it's kinda pissing me off, I need a breakthrough after dipping my toes in this puddle.

Never tried ketamine yet, my diss oc is dxm and this feels exactly like something inbetween a 1st and second stage plateau, only cleaner, totally clean actually, no dirty stimulation, uneasiness or nausea, just a reall mellow slightly dissociated state., great mood booster, longer after effects than total duration of the trip, which was pretty much done by the 4th hour. Fun stuff but not real introspective, curious if a slightly higher dosage of like 60-70mg's all at once will be more satisfying.