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Benzos The Benzodiazepine MEGA THREAD - Direct Benzo Questions Here


Jan 16, 2013
Eastern Canada
I am new on here and I want to throw some useful info on here for people going through benzo withdrawl but I don’t quite understand how this site is organized and where I can post my info. So I will do it here. Mods, direct me to the proper place if I am in the wrong space here.

I was going through 3 days of benzo withdrawl earlier this week and when I started feeling the electrical pulses and my jaw was clenched and everything was SUPER startling me, I decided to down 2 shots of alcohol ( i figured that if benzos were used to ease an alcoholic’s DT’s that it would work the other way around also, and there is NO info about this on the web). The alcohol stopped the shaking and panicking within 5 minutes! Now, it didn’t stop the intestinal discomfort, but it got me to relax for about 3 hours per shot for day 3 of my withdrawals. Just a shot or 2 every 3-4 hours. It helped me get through that 3rd day.
I just wanted to put that out there.

Aeon Psyche

Dec 11, 2007
I used 0.5g clonazolam in a few weeks time, Today I took my last dose. Along with 24 beers to mellow it out a litttle. Will I have enough tolerance to be able to toleratere the few 6 mg or 12 bromazepam I'll get from my doctor? Two a day? Didn't I explain my whole PTSD already? Just because I quit completely for good with no tolerance after (13 Years) ? With no help whatsoeverer. Only weeks, months of alcoholism to try and treat this shit. It fucked my life up and if I don't get prescribed my bromaz 12
I really might show why they are fucking about with a doctor who has more knowledge and logic in the subject.

And fuck wearing a corona mask, I know what comes after my life so Why the fuck would I give a a fuck, and for most of you retards who can't read a single book in atleast two days and change your life forever. It's not because it is a fucking book that is it has anything to do with religion or alike BS.

Oh yeah, without any help whatsoever after such a long addiction, you would be dead. Period.
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