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The art in your pipe


Apr 9, 2020
Southeast Missouri
Well it's good to know I'm not entirely alone on this.. lmao
Anywho, Quick story regarding "finding art"

My husband sent me a pic one night while I was at work and asked me what did I see or if I noticed anything. So I stared for nearly 30 mins admiring those shards laid perfectly across the glass. I seen what looked like a man on a horse (No, I wasn't geeked at work and also is why I wish I had the photo still)XD. So I replied to him what I seen there and he came back with "George Washington and his horse during the revolutionary war."
So, I answered him that and he said "George Washington and his horse, in the revolutionary war." I've never laughed so hard in my life. I found the painting in reference of resembled what we saw there but I have quiet yet learned how to add photos. Anywayyyss.. Carry on or some shit..