THC oil VS Bud


Jun 26, 2014
I've recently been prescribed thc oil after over a decade of smoking bud, mostly for recreational purposes but also for the medicinal benefits. It is Champlain, THC 20.90MG and although I prescribed 0.1 ml per dose, I take 0.9.
I've noticed it does take the edge off pain, but I dont get high from it, or have a pleasant buzz as I do with bud. Its more of a dazed, strange feeling.
I'm new to getting it legally and would like to switch from the oil to the bud but do not know how to ask or the right time to ask to switch. Does anyone on here get an actual high from the oil? If so, how much does one need to take?

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Mar 7, 2014
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Man. Loaded question, but cool. The last cart I had was 94% THC. Go ahead and hit that a few times like a joint or bowl., lol. Ripped out of your skull if you like,

You should re think what your asking.

Is the cart a regular 1g cart that totals 20.9 THC?

The subjectively short answer is oil can get you high. Since his is completely subjective, unless you have a 70% for example or higher cart, with the right strain, then yes or possibly no. The switch. Hey I decided smoke wasn't in my best interest and oil is safer. I can't tell you what today besides the truth.

You need to say the truth (figure it out). If the truth is This cart is... then tats it. You can do the math from here. Tell them the truth,


Aug 26, 2010
how are you taking this oil? are you vaporizing? or are you taking orally
in my experience carts don't give you as good as high that flower would. but they will get you high