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Heroin Tar smoking methods


May 22, 2018
Yes i know much is wasted. Yes i know many other proven facts that smoking tar is not practical and point for point a waste of time and money. That being said what has been anyone who has done this best tried method producing the best high and wasting least product ?

Personally i dab using a dual filtration water rig that was 3 d printed making it easier to break down and clean..., dual filtered cause i choke so bad if its not . Hence foil has always been impossible ....


Jan 17, 2010
I've tried dabbing, just don't like it as much as foil.

With foil though, I have a specific method I use that ends up saving me a lot of H in the long run. I don't have the flame on it the whole time running down the trail, instead I move the flame away in intervals. This is obvious to most people who've been smoking a while... HOWEVER, the thing I've discovered that saves the most shit is folding the foil in half where the piece is still hot and melty from the flame (in between the piece and the immediate left over melt from the trail right behind the piece) .... Once I fold it in half, I wait a few seconds for it to cool and unfold it, and when it unfolds, it pretty much creates a new piece with a space of separation from the piece and the trail (basically takes the melted part right behind the piece and puts it on top of it.). This simple, yet effective method has saved me SOOO much money, it's insane. It sounds silly, but try it.. It works.