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Heroin Swollen foot, missed vein? REALLY CAN'T go to doc, please help!


Feb 24, 2015
I was talking about crimsonjunk being preachy and when she said she couldn't go to the hospital that was the only answer he gave and followed by she needs to quit like duh dude we get it now get off here till you can actually provide something she needed...I saw she went to the hospital and they literally did less than what I said they would. It's just irritating going thru these looking for answers and they are full of nothing but ppl saying don't do drugs and no actual answers to the question asked


Jul 21, 2004
Buffalo, New York
I have once injected heroin in My ankle once, as I had no more veins on my arms , hell even my neck. I decided to but a visible vein on my ankle. I had so much trouble registering, In fact i.had missed some of the shot towards the end. I woke up the next day and i had a small abcess, I was concerned, however told myself it will HEAL on its own. Between being dope sick in bed, and the pain this abcess was giving me, I didn't get out of bed for nothing. A few days passed and it swelled up so much, I could Hardly walk at all. At this point I went to tbe emergency room, admitted to hospital, put on iv antibiotics , and they cut and popped the abcess, which was horribly disgusting, yellow puss shot right out, the whole in my ankle was so deep, that it had almost got down to the titanium rod in my leg from a previous injury. They said I could of got a bone or blood Infection, and at a very high risk of death, MRSA was the end product of shooting heroin that probably had contamination as many batches are, and missing a vein always go to a hospital ASAP, my friend had to get a hip replacement from a blood infection that got to
His hip and pelvis and eventually destroyed his hip and needed a replacement. Abcesses and infections are super high risks in this game and notoriously fatal


Oct 3, 2015
Dude that's hilarious that dude totally didn't read ur entire post and said everything u said to not mention because u gave ur reasons lol what a tool

Speed King

Mar 7, 2014
Orando, Florida
^^ Get smarter then. opiatekrzy understands things a bit more then you might think, or currently understand.

[email protected] hero 13

It seems that a decent amount of meth side effects are serious. Go to the doctor or ER.

When Moderators start suggesting ER treatment, it's not a joke. It never is.

This thread has become OT

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