Swearing in public


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Oct 21, 2000
The Hourglass Nebula
I tend to go through phases, but yes, i'm do swear.

My best friend and I were discussing key swear words used to describe stupid people and/or fucked up situations.

"Cockhead", when said correctly (ie stress the first syllable, namely the 'C' - go on, try it! ;)) actually relieves the tension you're feeling about a particular person/situation.

"Get Fucked": Can actually really cut someone if said correctly - slow, and really pronounce each word/syllable. Also a look of complete contempt on your face helps.

One of my favourite older movies is one called "Creator" with Peter O'Toole and Virginia Madsen. In one scene, a guy messes up somehow and screams "Son of a Bitch!". Peter O'Toole stops him and explains that the statement sounds alot better when the words are almost spoken as a single word, stress on the B in Bitch:

"SonofaBitch!" - It actually works! :)

One thing if find really funny is when people use really obscure/made up swear words like: Knob Breath, cock nose, shaft face, wank nose. I don't know, they make me laugh. :)

I don't say cunt a whole lot, only when REALLY pissed off, but i'm certainly not offended by it. My husband and alot of his friends are tradesmen (where do you think "swear like a tradie" comes from? =D) and i've been on too many building sites to be offended by anything that i hear.

Mr Samadhi & I will however, tone down our swearing when around children, and around people who "may" be offended by a little fuck, shit, prick, cock action. ;)
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