SURVEY - Advancing Psychedelics & Flow Science


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Mar 20, 2005
For anyone interested in flow states & in particular any of Steven Kotlers work on the flow genome project, there's a study at the moment on the below topic.

Advancing Psychedelic & Flow Science:
A Pioneering Investigation Into Peak-Experiences

Link to the Survey here -

Aim of the Study
The overarching mission of this study is to improve our understanding of how mental, physical and environmental variables impact peak-experiences.

Simply put this means looking at how a wide span of variables (music, people, surroundings, substances etc) relate to ?good? and ?bad? psychedelic experiences and powerful flow states.

An improved understanding of these variables will lead to:
1. An increase in the safety, reliability, and quality of the psychedelic experience
2. A better understanding of how individuals can break into a flow state more consistently and easily

Mental, physical and environmental variables have never been tested in this way before. Our research will be the first study in history that examines the impact of external variables on psychedelic experiences and flow states. Our mission is to pave the way for future experimental research and a rigorous understanding of these variables.