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Sulfuric Acid?


Feb 29, 2004
...Unless you stashed a vial of sulphuric acid from a school science lab you'd have a bloody hard time getting your hands on sulphuric acid. And if you're going down that route why not bottle some ammonia too and sniff that for kicks ;)

Just get a tester. Simples

What do you think the test kits are made out of? They're easy to do at home, no reason to purchase a pre-made kit if you have the desire to understand how the reagent works.

Sulphuric acid is easy to get OTC, as well as ammonia. Where are you coming from??


Bluelight Crew
Mar 12, 2001
As mentioned, Marquis contains both formaldehyde and sulphuric acid. Sulphuric acid alone is often used in forensics as a reference. MDMA will produce a purple--> black with Marquis and a purple/red with sulphuric acid. MDA will produce a purple with sulphuric alone.

HCl cannot be used as a replacement for sulphuric acid in Marquis.

I would presume any OTC product containing formaldehyde in solution would also contain a small amount of methanol, as it extends the shelf life considerably (slows down polymerisation which makes a formalin solution white, and Marquis brown)

We miss you around here, p_d!

Aw Shucks, I'll try to pop in a bit more...