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Bupe Subutex


Sep 15, 2012
Northwest Arizona
I was wondering about using Subutex recreationly, so I need it for maintenance as well because I'm trying to get off Heroin, I read that when you do doses of 2mg and lower that you get norbupenorphrine which is a full agonist. I choose to snort these pills because the BA is a lot higher then taking them sublingually. Anyways I snorted about 3mg earlier about 4 hours ago & it got me out of withdrawal and gave me a little buzz. If I were to snort another 1 or 2mg now would It effect me in any way?


Apr 9, 2008
Yes, it would increase the effects. Some people enjoy it but some find that it's missing the warmth of classical opiate intoxication.
It also has a ceiling dose and consuming more than that is said to have no added benefits.
It's a very potent substance and sometimes taking higher doses cause long lasting nausea.
Don't get annoyed but getting high with it beats the purpose which you use it for as you know. As an opiate addict, I understand the urge though.


Nov 10, 2016
Insufficient data for meaningful answer.
It is very common that people try to get high when they first go on maintanence with buprenorphine. I did it also, but best high I ever got was temporary increase in energy. I would describe it like the beginning of the high that I was looking for, but it ended before it even got really enjoyable.

I am sure that for people who do not have tolerance buprenorphine can be very satisfying, but for the people with higher tolerance, the one you get by using (diacetyl)morphine, buprenorphine can not offer much. If we are talking abot getting high. For staving off withdrawal it is good as 30-40mg of methadone (there is always interpersonal variability so none of the numbers I give are set in stone).

You were asking about nor-buprenorphine. Nor-buprenorphine is made/metabolized in dose dependent manner, meaning more buprenorphine you take, more nor-buprenorphine will be metabolized. But buprenorphine has higher affinity for mu opioid receptor so if you take larger doses than there will be more than enough buprenorphine to take hold off all receptors and nor-buprenorphine will not have any effects. That's where the mantra "less is more with buprenorphine " comes from. Less is indeed more - if you have no to low opioid tolerance.

In your case I do not think you will be able to get high from buprenorphine as you will need more buprenorphine just to have no withdrawal and have cravings reduced. Taking more than 2mg buprenorphine, especially intranasally which (almost) doubles the absorption, will not give you more pleasurable high. You might get more sedated, but not in an enjoyable way. If you need more than 2mg of buprenorphine to get high than you will, or at least should, stop trying to get high soon.

Buprenorphine is enjoyable, as I said, for people with low tolerance. But once the person knows the morphine and oxycodone high, buprenorphine is not that rewarding anymore. I have a friend who was never addicted to opioids, but have used morphine and oxycodone in the dosage range of 40-50 morphine equivalent. He tried buprenorphine in low dosages but could not get the high he was looking for and ended up nauseated and sedated, but not satisfied, every time he used buprenorphine. So even for people who have low to little tolerance, but are familiar with morphine and/or oxycodone high, buprenorphine is not that great.

To sum up. Buprenorphines absorption/bioavailability is ~30% sublingualy (some formulatons a bit more some less) and ~50% intranasally. Maximum potency of buprenorphine is 30-40mg of methadone or ~60mg of oxycodone. Buprenorphine is waaay less recreational (euphoria inducing) than even methadone is, when compared potency/recreatonal value. If one takes more than ~2mg of buprenorphine, nor-buprenorphine will have low to zero effect because parent compound will take hold off all opioid receptors. If you need more than ~2mg buprenorphine to get high than you will most likely not be able to get satisfaction you are after. Taking larger doses will increase the effects, but you will get more sedated, nauseated and have headache, and not more euphoric. Given you are comming off of heroin I think that you will not get the desired effects and will hopefully stick to using buprenorphine for maintanence.

In the end, I have to emphasize that all this is my experience and that your experience may differ.

I hope that this helps a bit and that you will be able to get from buprenorphine what you truly want and need. I wish you all the luck!