Subutex to Espanor Buprenorphine


Dec 7, 2018
Hi Every one just after some info I was on subutex But they have changed me to Same type of drug Espranor Which is Buprenorphine It because there cheaper But Espranor has to go on the top of your tongue Not under it But with the 8 mils They do take time to desolve Even though it says It takes 2mins It takes 15 mins for me Can be much longer 30 minutes They are freeze dried wafer oral lyophilisate round wafer type tablets They have been made To go on top of your tongue So the pharmacist Can check its been took correct For people on daily pick up And its supposed to be a faster dissolving drug What i want to know is Could i put it under my tongue Will it still work the same Or does it work different through the tongue If any one can let me know this I would be very grateful Thanks in advance :):? Now i have been told to post this here As i posted in afew wrong places New to the site You see But i got it now Some one must know about this drug Its just a pain in the ass to have to hold these on your tongue for a long long time Any help grateful.........
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