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Opioids suboxone questions

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Mar 25, 2010
hey guys i took 5mg of methadone 6 days ago and did about 15mg of oxycontin yesterday and about 15mg today. i would like to do suboxone so i dont feel any withdrawals but im wondering if it was safe to take it. i've been researching online but im not getting any clear answers.


Oct 29, 2009
I believe Tom Petty wrote a little song about it..

your not going to go into withdraw because you took 5mg of methadone waited six days and did 15mg of oc two days in a row, unless you were doing methadone or oc daily before. 5mg of methadone is nothing coming from someone who was on 120mg a day and that is also a very small amount of oc. You have to be physically dependent on a drug to get withdraw symptoms, and in order to be dependent you have to do it for a good amount of time daily. You CANT get w/d just from doing it how you described... so there is no reason to take the suboxone unless you are just trying to get high again but if you take it the day after it will j... lol just take it if you want but you dont need it.
Not open for further replies.