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stuff you want v. zooom vrmmm


Feb 21, 2008
Ex-staff Ex-crulighter
As long as you pay for my cervical fusion and trachea reconstruction I'll agree to it. But man is it gonna hurt like a bitch
I honestly don't like to lift around women, seeing as I am a former wrestler and defensive lineman I tend to get really pissed of at the weights and go ape shit when I lift. It's the only way I cn get as good a work out as I want. Speaking of weights,

I want a brand spanking new Olympic 45lb bar with weights going up 500lbs. And a curl bar, that would be dope shit.
Curls for the girls niggggggaaa

Animal Mother

Jun 6, 2007
I will say this.

I have met several people who have started college right out of high school, and others who started a trade right out of high school.

4 years later, upon the graduate getting a job,
the tradesman made more money than the graduate more often than not.

in the long run, though, as far as working for a company, the degree will Make you more money. Trades kind of cap out.


Jun 15, 2008
thenightwatch v2.0
"Some college" is the same as all the other dropouts. Be different and actually accomplish something.

Welcome to life. Unless you live with your parents, there is always something you owe to someone. I moved out at 20 and I've never been back cuz living with parents sucks.
it always sounds like you're trying to give advice, but there's never really any content in the "advice" that a person can actually take away and use...

there was one time where you said ~"okay PM me and i'll give you some actually substantial advice"

but your inbox was full, and you didn't empty it for weeks.
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