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Opioids State and Insurance oversight of MDs


May 7, 2014
Does anyone know about what oversight issues MDs are dealing with given the opioid "epidemic"? In other words, what does my MD have to worry-about when deciding whether or not to increase my Rx? WA State seems to have a threshold of 50mg a day, but I don't know what happens to the MD who exceeds that amount. In addition, even below that limit, there's a central State office where I had to have my FamPrac file an exemption (by fax, no less, because they don't have email) for 20 mg a day. There was also a rejection at the pharmacy one day by the insurance company when I tried to fill a script "early", even-though the fill-by-date by the MD authorized it. Are these just haphazard restrictions or does anyone know if there are consistent policies and procedures?