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Sore throat from "Virus"" Can I use Aspercreme lidocaine?


Nov 10, 2011

So i was an idiot a couple of weeks ago and backloaded a syringe well poured in the syringe after pulling out the plunger of what was supposed to be 20cc of fenny..... I'm not sure what it was.... could of been water, could of been rinse water... lets hope not. Anyway I was sober for a year and a half doing outpatient at Bridgeway in St. Louis. Got kicked out for not seeing my counselor and going to groups, when all i got was a phone call saying that i needed to see my counselor and go to some groups if not DR. Palmer would then start weening me off my subs. I was fine with that as I had already weaned down from 3 strips a day to 2 strips every 4 days. So I am stocked up on subs, have 800+.

Anyways I was so upset that I went and found some dude there and bought some fenny off of him and relapsed that day. My ex girlfriend and i weren't doing so well at the time either. Even though I did everytging she wanted. Got the good job making $20 an hour going to work doing Sr. Sales of technology. Anyways she decided she had enough of me and made me move out. Then started pushing me away. I started finding hookups. Getting ripped off at first then finding reliable steady hookups unfortunately.

So I started iving cause fuck it where else is there to go..... so stupid in retrospect. Ive never physically taken myself so low ever. I was wrecking myself, straight self sabotage. So after a month of hard use I decided to call it quits again and go to another stl outpatient facility called A.R.C.A. well my first appointment there. This guy asks if im sick. I say yeah even though I have 300+ subs, adderall, and klonopin, like an idiot he says i got 2 caps. Ill split it with you if you give me a few dollars. So i said alright. Throw him a few dollars. He gives me a clean rig in the elevator and then goes and asks for the key to the restroom. They pull him back instead. Then he comes out a few minutes later pulls me in the hallway and lies to me saying he fixed it up in the bathroom back there. The only bathroom back there come to find out an hour later is the U.A. bathroom. So he already had the point preloaded. At this point im like whatever he seemed like an honest drug fellow.

I had been up 2 days on adderall.... anyways like I said I poured out 20cc of God knows what into my hypodermic syringe thinking that would lessen the chances of me using a dirty point. Idk if it did or not.... I lost 10cc of it and then banged the other 10 that I loaded weary. Nothing.... huh thats funny i havent had anything in a week.... anyways I asked him several times if that was a clean rig and if not was he clean..... he swears up and down it was a fresh point. And that he doesnt have anything. But when I pulled the plunger out I noticed residue around the rim as if it had been in his pocket. Like tobacco or something, idk. The scary thing is that it could of been rinse water or a dirty point and I thought by dumping it out into the back of mine would circumvent that.

So here I am almost two weeks later, went to the doctor and they ran a furry of tests. Strep, hiv rapid, influenza, the works. Nothing came back positive but im still not in the time window and all they can tell me is I have a virus and I had several symptoms of the start of H.I.V. so im really fucking scared. She reassured me that 0.68% of people who use after an H.I.V. positive person contract H.I.V. and was pretty damn sure that I dont have it but couldnt promise. So all she prescribed was a iv of some steroid and motrin 600. And its just been getting worse. My throat is so swollen and it looked like thrush but the nurse kept telling me its not thrush but the doctor said a virus can cause all this. My white cell count was at 20 so they say I have an infection. So why not prescribe me some freaking antibiotics then and like prednisone for Gods sake. My throat has never hurt so bad in my life. I saw her 10 days after the incident occurred. She swears its too soon to be exhibiting symptoms from H.I.V. but then what the hell am I having all these symptoms which match it? She said that I don't have it. It wouldnt have presented itself the way whatever virus I have did on labs.

So to get to my question. I know you can gurgle and swallow vicious lidocaine. Well aspercreme has lidocaine hci but it also has a hell of alot of chemicals in it also. I was wondering if i could take the roller out and make a solution with it to gurgle, not swallow... does anyone think it would be safe as long as I didnt swallow any of the solution. Ive been gurgling Himalayan salt, apple cider vineger, honey, with oregeno oil. And it seems to help kill the bateria amazingly enough.... almost all of the white polyps are gone and my hairy tongue has cleared up in like 3 days. But my throat is red and so swollen. It hurts worse than any strep I remember having. Didnt have the flu either. Anyone have any tips on what to do? Is the doctor right? Should I still be panicked about it 24/7 and super depressed? What can I do guys? Sorry for the super long post. And im sure this is going to get moved. I didnt know where to post it. Because its asking if i can safely make a solution out of aspercreme and gurgle it to get some relief.

Here is a list:

Active Ingredients:?Lidocaine HCl - 4 % (Topical anesthetic)

Inactive Ingredients:?acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, aminomethyl propanol, C30-45 alkyl cetearyl dimethicone crosspolymer, caprylyl methicone, cetearyl alcohol, ceteth-20 phosphate, dicetyl phosphate, dimethicone, disodium EDTA, ethylhexylglycerin, glyceryl stearate, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, isohexadecane, methylparaben, polysorbate 60, SD alcohol 40 (15%), steareth-2, steareth-21, water

Clearly alot of chemicals would any of these hurt my throat worse or does anyone know?

Maybe a process to just extract the pure lidocaine hci and put it in glercerin suspension maybe?

Or is it just not possible not a good idea.

And if you read my post thanks. I know its a long one.
I really had to get this shit off my chest im so anxious and scared. Its scared me straight from needles again and im back in recovery havent used since mystery shot! FML.
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Jan 16, 2000
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I wouldn't even apply that shit topically. But I thought there were lidocaine throat sprays in the US?

I recommend high dose every 4hrs elderberry extract, plus drinking 50/50 fresh squeezed carrot/orange juice. MUST be fresh squeezed. I'd drink 1-2 liters a day. My go to treatments for viral infections. Echinacea tea with raw local honey for the rest of your fluids, & stay well hydrated. There are certain throat lozenges that work miracles (& don't contain menthol), I will see if I can find the brand name. Real chicken soup/broth made with lots of bones (should be gelatinous when refrigerated/cold) has powerful throat soothing/healing properties too. Might be able to find some at Whole Foods.

An infection can be viral or bacterial. There's no point giving antibiotics to treat a viral infection & in fact it can be bad. I really hope you feel better soon - throat pain is awful. Sleep plenty & stop IVing, & definitely don't use any stims that will only further suppress your immune system.

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Jul 23, 2016
A lot of those ingredients you listed OP might slow the healing of your throat as they are designed to evaporate off the skin into the air. On top of that I can see at least 6 of the ingredients are def not meant for mucous membranes or the soft tissues of your throat.

Please keep up your original regimen until you can get to a drug store and get some throat spray that contains 1 1/2% Phenol and maybe something like glycerin, purified water, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, sodium saccharin, sucralose.

The Lidocaine or Benzocaine you might find in External products are too strong and not formulated for internal use.