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Heroin Somewhat New user


Jun 10, 2021
So I’m still newer to the Heroin path, I’ve only been using for about a year and a Half now.
So I’m a snorter only way I perfer, first starting off I was getting some pretty cut to shit stuff but eventually I found a reliable Plug. The plug I go to gives me a great price and quality is in a league of its own where I live.
I know he and his clique Re-Rock their dope, only have had 2 problems first it was super hard but still decent quality, and 2 is my Current issue he gave me some Super fresh Re-rock and I was excited about the color because I know it was cut once if even that. but I’ve never had rerock this fresh it’s a big rock and completely compact but it is a little moist when I break it off it like peels and when I try to cut it down as fine as possible it’s a little squishy , so does anyone have any ways of Dehumidifying or Drying it up more , because as I snort it I’m not getting sick thank god but I’m not feeling a buzz , so any information on how I can quickly dry it up or lose the moisture it would be a big help !


Apr 13, 2013
Maybe try smoking instead rocks are good for smoking if it's uk gear