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Solriamfetol - another NDRI


Jun 9, 2013
The Aether
Saw this mentioned in the Random Molecules thread over a year ago, but the drug was approved last year (orphan of course.)

Jazz (known for getting a billion a year off of GHB for narcolepsy) makes it happen again for narcolepsy and OSA/CSA.

Carbamate of methamphetamine, well phenylalanol.

Schedule IV and liked less / more negative than phentermine, so not likely a major recreational player, but the approval and stability could be promising.

Curious about analogs, carbamate of mdma say for PTSD.

Pitolisant got through the FDA last year as well.

What about thiocarbamates...that aren't pesticides or thyroid toxins? I don't think I would want to do that work. Probably hydrogen sulfide donors or something like a disulfiram type reaction.